"In London, everyone feels like a victim."  



Yum yum yum dim dim some some evictimouths mmmmasticate Mare Street than otherzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...

MMMMMM I feel like a victim! Grrrrrrr I really fancy one! I'm fucking salivating...

Benedict Seymour
Algebra of gentrification: victimouths masticatin' Mare and Chats - indeed! And everymouth is or will be victim as well as muncher. Check out the chomping graff lips & teef plastered from the Wick to Hackney Rd - sums it up: eat and be eaten in turn. 2 historical trajectories, sequential &/or parallel: 1) boho eats asbo excretes bobo = sublation of the boho into bobo and then a further evolution as bobos are replaced by anybo(urge); 2) boho fails to make bobo, turns asbo, hobo, or dodo. But check out also Alberto Douman and his cheesecakes (below). He knows the score but has got to eat, and to eat means to feed (the hand that bites, the mouth that grabs)... The place of art in the larger consumer economy, a deluxe commodity with added self-reflection? Is critical art not the highest form of cup cake, and/or the first form? Check out TLP, Abject Bloc, even? (First chronologically &/or first in logical process, pace Hegel). Q: How to make a cake 'they' can't eat? Or to steal back the cake they/we all helped bake? Is any mitigation imaginable, really? A: A 3rd trajectory emerging from dialectical transformation of first two: boho + hobo + asbo = a collective angry dodo whose compound bill wreaks havoc on all masticators, self-eviscerating. Think august 2011 multiplied by ex-bohos, liquidated bobos, & everyprole.... Meanwhile, that cheesy snack: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/gallery/2012/jul/08/chatsworth-road-residents-in-pictures#/?picture=392667295&index=2

Five years ago, Chatsworth Road was one of Hackney's roughest areas. Then the middle class moved in. Mina Holland talks to local residents

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