Goldie, Tim / Beban, Daniel – “Slakes” – [Entracte]

Man am I glad this duo in the UK threw the book (and accompanying
3 CD’s) at me. Willfully difficult, from the various apparati
tortured until boiling all the way to Goldie’s apparent psuedonym
” “[sic]. (Not sure if I got the right number of spaces.)
Empty songs, silence for seconds with titles like “Docile
Scoptophile” and “Sarcastic Embrace” and ironically “Rhetorician.”
Other songs with made-up words that make Magma look like Sesame
Street. You want supremely shrill feedback that will perplex your
dog? Try the opening of “Duo-Sang” and sideways slices of
“Passible.” (The latter is a killer covering a lot of (rough)
territory, I dug the driller/drone 8+ minutes in. Want nine seconds
of a ticking clock? Listen to “Humane” with a line through it.
Try entering that into your ASCII mindset. Field recordings in a
vacant field, or perhaps more Ghosts from Bush House at the BBC?
Percussion is often great and grating, bowed, struck, clanked,
scraped and crashed as on “A Region of Ambiguity…” hell call
it CD2-35. You want punk noise, wrap “Scarfskin” around your neck
to the venom oozes out your ears…that track has a poetry scream
slam over angry electronics and industrial drums. If you want
something soothing, try “L’udienza Bemani/Figurine” for a brief
vibrational gaze inward, then run for your life. The whole thing
feels like a puzzle, that might solve you before you solve it. If
you can’t hang with the difficult, at least admire the willfulness.

-Thurston Hunger / KFJC

Reviewed by Thurston Hunger on August 9, 2013 at 4:06 pm