Matthew Hyland on SLAKES by " "[sic] Tim Goldie and Daniel Beban

 "The book: well you know I would delight in this.  As (I hope, though always redoubting) I already mentioned, you're an actual poet, as opposed to (unpublished Dictionary entry): POET: (1.) gossip columinst exclusively about him/herself (2.) distinguishable from prose writers by virtue of being many times more prosaic.  So in the lower-case-plus-biologically-alive category that makes you, Ben Watson, Sean Bonney, Anne Boyer, Susan Howe... there must be some others but their names escape me now (perhaps because unlike upper-case Poets the lower-case names aren't always out door-knocking for attention).  
Hard to separate the the music (please let's be done with this upper-case 'Noise', which I don't recall you ever advocating anyway) from the writing/physical appearance of the whole thing/compressed memory of you (& DB on the few occasions I saw you play together) making this stuff: I play it less often than I look at the words but when played it breathes justified world-spite.  Lightly and with pathos not bathos (because unlike so much loud ponderous shite it knows the bathysphere and won't stoop to pathetic pleading).
Cramped, muttering, twitching but unflinchingly aligned,
m. "