Originally it was Whizz Kid who we worshipped, but then it was DJ Cashmoney that was the big inspiration for me (us) - Scratching To The Funk 12" (1986), I must have spent hundreds of hours slowly learning every cut and scratch on that record (both sides!). That was the first time i heard transforming and the first time it was on wax as far as I know. Also Jazzy Jeff 'The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff' put the name 'transform' to the famous scratch on that record. I was known for my dedication in working out how to do the Cashmoney's and Jazzy Jeff's scratching!... DJ Cheese won DMC in 1986 too and also showed off the transformer (but he wasn't as good as Cashmoney or Jazzy Jeff I don;t think). Also Jazzy Jeff won the New Music Seminar in New York in '86 and I taped it from Tim Westwood's show. So we had a lot of things to inspire us in 86! The tape doesn't have a date on but seeing as it only uses tracks off Steady B's first album (released 86) I'm guessing that was when it was done (as he released another in 87) but I suppose it could have been done in 87.