Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle

18–21 Apr 2013
Tramway, Glasgow
In 5 weeks
All talks are FREE and unticketed.

About the event

Do art forms like black radical poetry, free jazz and improvisation create a space for the performance of freedom? Did they ever? And can they still do so now?
New Black Music is this: Find the self, then kill it.
Amiri Baraka.
What is the link between radical Black art forms (Free Jazz, Improvisation, Poetry…) and the fugitive spaces that produced them (the AACM, the Black Arts Movement).  Taken together, are they an attempt to create an alternate sociality: an ensemblic, collective, non-individualistic performance of blackness?  Is this the performance of freedom - as encounter, rupture, collision, and passionate response; as a necessarily political, necessarily aesthetic, necessarily erotic black social life?  And how can we relate, artistically and socially to those art forms and politics today, here in Glasgow?
Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle is our attempt to think about that through performances and discussions with of some of the great American jazz artists and writers, critics and poets, their European counterparts, and with people in Glasgow who might have something to say in return.
Amiri Baraka, Ray Brassier, Daniel Carter, Henry Grimes, Mattin, Fred Moten, Teresa Maria Diaz Nerio, No-Total, Or staying within the tale, William Parker, M. NourbeSe Philip, Howard Slater, Wadada Leo Smith, John Tilbury. 

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