Mr Sands: Carlin! Carlin!
[Carlin stands to his ground]
Carlin: Sir?
Mr Sands: Ok, Carlin. You're really for it this time. Banks and Richards have both named you. You get 3 years for this, scum.
Carlin: I don't know what you're talking about, sir.
Mr Sands: You fuckin' well know, toe-rag. I run this wing. I'm not letting it disrupted by a back-street villain like you. You'll sign a statement downstairs.
Carlin: I've got nothin' to say. I'd like to see the House Master.
Mr Sands: You will, Carlin. You will.
Carlin: And the governor, sir. I've got a witness.
Mr Sands: Shit witness. I'm having you lad. You banged that officer at Roly. You must have thought you walked quietly away from that one. But he's here. He's me. He's every fucking screw in this borstal. Every one of us. Come on!
[prods Carlin]
Mr Sands: Fancy taking a poke at me? Come on, big man.
Carlin: I've banged no screw, I retaliated. There was two of 'em, kicking the shit out of me.
[Mr Sands slaps Carlin]
Mr Sands: Well, retaliate here. Come on!
[Mr Sands slap Carlin again]

Escort: Name and number.
Archer: 4721, Archer, sir.
Governor: Ahh, Archer. Insolence, graffiti. Guilty?
Archer: Misplaced trust, sir.