“                    ”[sic] Tim Goldie / Daniel Beban


Triple CD/book (E145)

Daniel Beban is a musician and sound artist who
lives in Wellington, New Zealand. He performs
on a number of instruments in groups including
Orchestra of Spheres, Imbogodom, Sign of the
Hag, Little Wet Horse, Doctor Quirky’s Goodtime
Emporium Band, The Mantarays and Slakes.
He has recorded and released many albums
including two Imbogodom LPs on Thrill Jockey
and the Sphere’s debut LP Nonagonic Now
on Fire Records.
In 2009 Daniel founded the Frederick Street
Sound and Light Exploration Society. Fred’s was
an important centre for creative and experimental
music and arts in Wellington, holding regular gigs,
festivals, exhibitions, workshops, film screenings,
recordings, rehearsals. Since the closure of Fred’s
this year the Sound and Light Exploration Society
has been putting on shows in disused spaces
around Welington and a new festival called Rising
Daniel builds invented instruments out of found
objects. Recent instruments include the water
organ (installed at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary,
Zelandia), the prepared spinning wheel, the huhu
organ and the biscuit tin guitar. He was trained
as a Studio Manager at the BBC World Service
and works as a sound engineer for Radio NZ and
BBC World Service.

Edition of 300 copies

Release date: 10 December 2012

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Court of the Patriarchs, Zion National Park
Ansel Adams, 1941–42 / “                    ”[sic] Tim Goldie, 1996

“                    ”[sic] Tim Goldie/Daniel Beban
BBC World Service, Bush House, London
Photos by Marcus Bastel, 2007


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