LUX presents 'The Adverts'

Canary Wharf Screen | Art on the Underground

Matthew Noel-Tod

A Season in Hell: Fall / Winter 2012 (2012)

7 November – 2 December 2012

Opening 6 November 6.30pm – 8.30pm


BLOCKSPERRE REFLUXUR a new live performance by "                  " [sic] Tim Goldie

7.30pm -8.00pm

A Season in Hell: Fall / Winter 2012 is an animated winter warmer for Canary Wharf Underground Station. In a blazing inferno turns an image of the world orbited by four cartoon children. Encircling the globe is the Latin palindrome; In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni (We go in circles into the night, we are consumed by fire). The phrase is originally attributed to the behaviour of moths around fire. In A Season in Hell: Fall / Winter 2012 the children are in constant movement, never landing, never leaving. Purgatory is overwritten by the ecstasy of the spectacle.

Matthew Noel­-Tod lives and works in London. Noel-­Tod studied at The Slade, Norwich School of Art and Design, Goldsmiths and completed the LUX Associate Artists Programme in 2008. He is Senior Lecturer in Moving Image at University of Brighton. Recent projects include Chisenhale Gallery, London; Norwich Castle Museum with Outpost; Picture This, Bristol; ICA, London; Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona. Noel-Tod is a recipient of the Acme Studios Residency 2010–15.

"                   " [sic] Tim Goldie is a UK drummer and scathing noise artist, unafraid of fairly perilous behaviour. A kind of mutant cross-pollination of noise, live art, dada and improvisation. Unsettling and confusing. But not in the ways you might expect. In their extreme noise and ominous silence, in their mordantly sad, caustic and bizarre, maybe even pathetic actions, it’s just difficult to tell whether or not his performances are a skilled and trenchant, but dreadful parody of your own pointless aspirations for self-expression – this uneasiness, this being unsure what’s going on, is, in the end, the point.