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"I believe that training as an Audiologist will give me an opportunity to join a healthcare profession, to which I feel I can make a real contribution. My passion to work in the NHS has developed through the many placements I have experienced in various parts of the NHS as well as extensive experience of working in other public sector organisations such as local government. 
I have always found that I have a genuine care and concern for patients during my work experiences, such as in St Mark’s Hospital’s Audiology Department, by listening diligently and wanting to know more about their problems. During my month here I found that Audiology is a satisfying and challenging area of work and I enjoyed the practical aspects of the job and the use of scientific knowledge in assessing patients and finding appropriate solutions to hearing difficulties.
I enjoy interacting with others and am able to work well under considerable pressure, which I have been faced with on a weekly basis during my time as a Sales Adviser. My positive personality has allowed me to handle uncomfortable situations at work in a calm, collected manner, for instance dealing successfully with complaints from customers. My ability to speak three different languages and communicate effectively with people of all ages,  will help me to fulfil the requirements of the job further.
My interpersonal skills, including my communication skills, have been developed through working with others on group projects, giving presentations and also through my Personal and Professional Development module. This module has also allowed me to reflect on my actions and write notes in an orderly, accurate and clear manner. Feedback from members of my project group showed that I am thought to be good at co-operating with others and this will be important when working in a multi-professional environment in hospitals.
I have also gained excellent marks in my laboratory reports, through modules such as Mechanisms of Disease and Immunology. My accurate use of laboratory equipment during practicals, shows my dexterity and attention to detail. Other modules such as Statistics have helped improve my analytical and numerical skills, and I ended year 2 with the overall average mark of 76%. 
The commitment that I have to Audiology, my relevant skills and the realistic understanding that I have about the nature of the work make me an excellent candidate for this opportunity."