sunday afternoon, half-cut rant:

it's naive (or worse, pernicious) to extrapolate some sort of universally applicable paradigm for liberation/ 'peace'/ whatever from a single instance which succeeded due to a specific concatenation of chance historical circumstances. it's like this capitalist myth of 'self-made men' who started with nothing, but became what they are through sheer dint of hard work and dynamism; now such people/stories demonstrably exist - the mythic part is that this could be true for ANYONE if you just work hard enough i.e debase yrself sufficiently, inure yrself to rimming the requisite repulsive arses.....then, then maybe you too could be successful. and then those who have subjected themselves to these abject exercises in humiliation/homage in order to attain the 'life-affirming' money and power they so wretchedly crave feel justified to judge those who refuse to follow this monstrous path as being 'lazy' or 'feckless' or 'suckers'.if you happen to be 'successful' in these terms you are not a role model, or some admirable blueprint for how everyone could be, if they were just a little less lacking in ambition. your 'success' does not mean you are the measure of all human potential. spiritually, you are a corpse in a gibbet, but without the honour of having committed a decent crime (stealing bread to feed your family, perhaps.) a cautionary tale, rattling in a cage, granted motion only by a wind that despises you.
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