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Episode 3: Copying without Copying

23–25 Mar 2012
Tramway, Glasgow
In 3 weeks
All events are FREE. Just turn up before the stated performance time.

About the event

3 evenings of events that are about what happens when we speak, or when we hear someone speak on our behalf, when we share a collective moment of hearing and maybe understanding.
This is a mini-festival of speaking and understanding.  It involves visual artists, dancers, activists and filmmakers who create performance projects that feel more like stripped down, experimental theatre.  Through copying or restating what people have or might say they reanimate situations so that we might understand them…Find out more in the Introduction.
The programme of events include Criminal Case 40/61: Reverb - Andrea Geyer's performed installation about Adolf Eichmann, Notes on the Emptying of a City - Ashley Hunt's dismantled film performance about Hurricane Katrina, Combatant Status Review Tribunals, pp. 002954–003064: A Public Reading and The Russian Woods - a new learning Play by Chto Delat? with local participants.