Underwater Fireworks-Display Storm

Infinite and expanding emptied blankness ends up within enclosure. Telescopically elongating straight clearance made, kept and left staying behind. Corridor tunnel becomes indoor highway, underneath endless tubular conservatory arcade. Wraparound picture-window surrounds everywhere down below, continuing onwards ahead, beyond ever after.

1 torrential air-raid a...nd wept teardrop flash-flood cascade grand-rapids later, then entire vast cavity drowns, until deluged full. Amœbæ membership populates Noah’s Ark menagerie. Blossoming flesh clouds inhabit nebulous rock-pool and coral-reef garden and rainforest jungle.

Overhead and sideways vista and scenery served-up and on-offer? None other than continent-sized magic-lantern peep-show and sealed-off out-of-bounds drive-in movie. Formulæ solution preserves inmates, as they swim, drift and flow about this unfathomably deep tropical aquarium playground.

Alive and willful animation and puppetry; veined marbling oil-slick lava-lamp; molten, liquid, organic and floral jewellery, stained-glass, millefiori and paisley pattern of Rorschach-blot butterfly-farm; free-range flown kites, which eclipse, dismantle, reshuffle, breed, grow, mutate and evolve.

Settlement nests built, traveling, relocatable.

These antics and such movement, alongside the otherwise passive gaze from congregation spectator audience and passerby turnover, both follow and influence each other, also combining together as well. Sheer force from these developments join with the crystal steel membrane wall being worn away by held content’s pressure and weight.

Team-venture effort and input pays off.

What happens next is self-enacting, same as all that’s just been covered so far.

©, Copyright, Douglas Park