There is shade, because of shadows: Dying with the Dadas.

are we determined? not exactly, it doesn't help to know exactly. what have you? what does this art consist of? lucky, free, original. he may think he's improvising, but is he? does he control every bit of it? it's a question are you going to perform by chance? are you going to be rational about it? are you determined? can you help yourself? what are you emphasizing? hankering after a relation? - between 'sincerity' and 'objectification', thinking with gestures: as they exist. messing up uses. diverse things, its the detail that should interest you. the way one grows, takes it in. its curve. more than one thing: hating each other. dutifully answers. because it is an example. miming-out a ventriloquism: "Carried in our mouths/the warm sperm rises/and prolongs us - as we are/everyway locked/inside the warm halls of flesh/which is our kind ... - if you were my own time's possession/I'd tell you to fuck off/with such vivid penetration/you'd never stop gasping/and pleasure unflawed/would light our lives, pleasure/unrung" but I didn't mean that. in the bright light all on, "please only agree with me ... and all that happens in the street" Hard, sharp, fragments of theme, joined serially rather than integrated organically. as much concupiscence as a lappet wig, naked as cities

           do. scattering peculiar defects and botches, sheer recess of darkest incompatibility: the ubiquity of shrill sea signal whistling, the malignant torture of the parade snare, the halcyon break of displeasure and in wretched silence you so directed, Noumenal Animal has no working distance, musical objects at hand are commonplace to the human market, no sense of fair emblem to be misunderstood as a comfortable light in the sick hearts of superior men.
let us procede over the dust of drouth with no naked verbal quibbling, another exorbitant madrigal for credit card and percussion, is it then a simple question of economy? the practice of the abject is austere, it never explicitly steps outside what is immanent to the disenfranchised, excluded, vanquished. Noumenal Animal's aporetic accounting of self is more partisan than any sanguine speculative demonstrations beyond appearances, binding experience to the intelligible world indead already ideal, already the intentional correlate of the conscious virtues held by all of us watching who lost sight of our dependence, our direct bearing upon unrelieved, unconditional disconnection. parade this non-identity flourished in Noumenal Animal's life indifferently is its ultimate end. one wide grave exists as the core, non-illusory eventuality embraced with all the happiness of the condemned, in proportion to the goodly experience of conclusive despair envisioned oncecancelling all claims to completeness, thought through the reflectively enacted exhaustion of a performance stated total bodily practice, a transfigured body then? fungable, subsumable?
dismissed without rescue adrift, we might put it in Noumenal Sarcoshyce: are you inclined? I AM INCLINED. NO N0 split up with a mockery we reach the credits, the abstract side of any artwork. "Bark to excited flood/in facile keytone derivatives will instigate regraded/bond preening: wound up and down" manifesting lethal positive rubbish (refuse collection)
over and over beyond the defect sheltered potency, interplay of postponements, our condition, however deviantly rationed, in that we locate no reassurance

                                                                                                                         john wollaston

[1] Love Songs (5-6) Edward Dorn
[2] Red d Gypsum (19.4-6) J.H.Prynne