London, 2058, in the darkness, Noumenalanimal is sitting on the roof of a derelict building, skimming the horizon looking for a new prey. His companion, the Abject Kid, is with him.

-I am starving… Human beings are getting rare… And I won’t be having another squirrel or fox.

-Are you being picky?
You can’t really afford it… Life-Death-Life-Death circular process repeats itself. You embody the natural process, the celebration of a new species and the death of an old one: the human being. You illustrate the natural and recurrent movement of a creature. You are the connection to reality.

-A connection?...

-Yes, you represent the cycle of life, the substance of its repetition. You are able to stand like a human being, but when you feel a danger you can make yourself invisible, lying down in silence.

-Well in short, I carry a particular kind of energy…
I am your horizontal and vertical connection to time and counter-time. Your kind has been associating my nocturnal companions to the moon, and to the great mother earth. I am a sign of fertility but a sign of danger too.

The Abject kid jumps in front of Noumenalanimal and holds its hairy head in its fragile hands.

-Listen to me! I know this already, only your name means the thing-in-itself, you are not only the representation but you incarnate the real in all its sense. You are power in itself. But you are only Noumenal and not noumena yet …

Noumenalanimal pushes the Abject Kid away violently.

-Keep quiet!


                                                                                                                           Anne Duffau