ROOM40 presents : Anthony Pateras + Valerio Tricoli +
"              "[sic] Tim Goldie

Anthony Pateras
THURSDAY 24th February 2011
Door Times : 8pm
Tickets : £7 advance / £8 on the door

The freak genius of Australian prepared piano/modular synth whiz Anthony Pateras goes head-to-head with the Sicilian sound aktionist Valerio Tricoli on Revox for an evening of uncategorisable electronic music and improvisation.


Piano / Modular Synth

Anthony Pateras is a composer and performer from Melbourne, Australia. Primarily an idiosyncratic pianist, he also performs on modular synthesizer.

His musical activity runs the gamut from the large-scale hyper-ambitious ensemble writing to extended prepared piano pieces and immersive noise. His longest running projects are the event-heavy, analog/digital synth duo with DSP/lazer whiz Robin Fox (Editions Mego) and the acclaimed free music trio Pateras/Baxter/Brown.

His collaborators reflect his diversity, having worked with Han Bennink, Brett Dean, Valerio Tricoli, Oren Ambarchi, MC Vulk Makedonski, Jim Denley, Paul Lovens, Christian Fennesz, Richard Tognetti, Lucas Abela, Slave Pianos, Thomas Lehn and The Necks. In 2011 he will be starting new collaborations with DJ erikM and guitarist Stephen O'Malley.

Anthony performs regularly throughout the world, and his music is released through the labels Tzadik (NYC), Editions Mego (Vienna) and Lexicon Devil (Melbourne).
Anthony Pateras website
(Pateras Photo: Marion Innocenzi)



One Italy's more enigmatic electronic musicians - Tricoli has been investigating the complex relationship between self, sound and devices for more than a decade - Psychic processes translated in soundscapes, and vice versa. He is a member of 3/4 Hand Been Eliminated (Häpna / Die Schactel) - a super-group drawn from Italy's improvising community that carries on the mantle handed down by This Heat, intertwining musique concrete and free improv with rock dynamics. His two solo works on Bowindo 'Metaprogramming within the eye of the storm' and 'Did They? Did I?' offer up two slabs of brilliantly baffling musique concrete and his nimble production work added much to the distinct soundworld of Autistic Daughters' two records and Dean Roberts 'Be Mine Tonight' (Kranky).

"                " [sic] TIM GOLDIE

"                 "[sic] TIM GOLDIE is one of the most original noise musician/performers on the European scene. His double album "ABJECTOR"[sic] is a violent and considered examination of the fragmentation of language, the de-composition of instrumental research and the painful suffering that accompanies it. Far from any current or cultural influence, Goldie's work places itself in a unique conceptual universe, and its cruel voice warbles a mix of agony and ecstasy. - Netmage Festival, Italy 2009

A kind of mutant cross-pollination of noise, live art, dada and UK improvisation. Unsettling and confusing. But not in the ways you might expect. In their extreme noise and ominous silence, in their mordantly sad, caustic and bizarre, maybe even pathetic actions, it’s just difficult to tell whether or not his performances are a skilled and trenchant, but dreadful parody of your own pointless aspirations for self-expression – this uneasiness, this being unsure what’s going on, is, in the end, the point. - Instal Festival, Scotland 2010

"                  " [sic] Tim Goldie on Myspace

Christian Marclay / Phil Minton / Steve Beresford: 5 March 2011
Michel Chion / Ghedelia Tazartes: 24-25 March 2011


1st January. Mattin. New Year's Eve party organised by Borja Serra. wharehouse. Bilbao.
9th of june - Mattin.Ertz festival ( aula de cultura de Bera) Bera, Navarra
1st of july - Mattin at public life ( london)
19th of july -Sakada at the Klinker (Mattin, Eddie Prévost and Rosy Parlane). London
JULY 29th,, Mattin. 7pm-11pm THE LIFT (above the City Of Brighton Pub), Queens Rd. Brighton
august spicy music festival
30th September- Alexander Brener, Barbara Schurz, Mattin & Denis Dubovtsev. Public Life. London.
7th of october -Mattin Elektronikaldia festival, Donostia
18th of october-She Hated Sweets (Mattin & Rohan Thomas). smallfish record shop london.
22th november-APARALLEL (with joel stern and denis dubovtsev at 291 gallery hackney (visual work by birgit medele)
30th november- with musik group musik, at centurion london
6th of december-Mattin 13th note glaswow
8th december-Mattin Hat on Wall (24-26 hat on wall clekenwell) london from 8:30.cancelled
13th december-Mattin rective night (, upstairs at the garege, london from 9pm
16th december-Mattin sunday 7pm-11pm THE LIFT (above the City Of Brighton Pub), Queens Rd. Brighton. cancelled
17th of december- bonnington london with Eparragu (joel stern, romuald wadych, denis dubovtsev)
28th december-Mattin at hinoeuma at red rose, london fron 9

20 th january audit at the clinic ,13 gerrard st london w1 Sakada (mattin eddie prevost and rosy parlane) from 8 pm
15th Feb. 8.00pm, LMC Free Love Festival, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. London.Tim Goldie (drums/voice), Mattin (computer feedback), Alan Wilkinson (alto/baritone saxapho)
berlin (de) podewil        20 feb  rosy parlane(sigmaeditions), mattin(w.m.o/r), rohan thomas(sigmaeditions), eric freeman (digital kranky) [solo sets]
berlin (de) nbi 21 feb  rosy/mattin, she hated sweets(mattin/rohan), rohan/ rosy [duo's]
hamburg  (de) hoerbar 22 feb  rohan thomas, rosy parlane, mattin, Y-Ton-G(hamburg), Slackism(dresden)
nijmegen (nl) extrapool 24 feb  yoshio machida, mattin, rosy,rohan
rotterdam (nl) worm 27 feb Sakada, eddie prévost (AMM)/mattin/rosy parlane-trio .computer feedback + percussion,  blast ,   dj-rohan
12th march- broken consort at st. cyprians church. london. 8 pm.chris burn-piano, tom chant-soprano sax, angharad davies-violin, rhodri davies-harp, matt davis-trumpet, mattin-computer feedback, mark wastell violoncello.
24th march- Baggage reclaim, london.eddie prévost (AMM)/mattin/rosy parlane-trio .computer feedback + percussion
26th april- Mattin, Centurion, london 8 pm
27th april- oligarch shit transfusion night, DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA ( tim goldie & mattin) Betsy trotwood 8pm. free/ donations
29th april Inventory, Mattin/Rosy Parlane live at Mendietan cd presentation at Public Life 82a Commercial Street London E1 6LY from 8:30 pm free
6 th May- Freedom of the city 2002 Festival, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square. London.3pm Takke (voice + )
Evan Parker (soprano saxophone)
Tim Goldie (percussion)
Ross Lambert (electric guitar)
Mattin (computer feedback)
Michael Rogers (bass guitar)
9 th May-Mattin. Sprawl, at Global cafe. Golden Square. 8:30pm. London.
14th May- 7 to 9 pm NO NETWORK at resonancefm 104.4. near dead air
25th May-" words for work" conversational piece shown at "Broadcast", Cubbit Gallery
20th May- DEFLAG HAEMORRHAGE/HAIEN KONTRA ( tim goldie & mattin) live.London Wheatsheaf.8:30pm.£4/£3. London
21 st May- Belaska ( Mark Wastell & Mattin) live at St. Cyprians Church, glenworth st. Baker st. tube. 8pm
3th June-ixi night at public life (london) featuring rohan thomas, mattin & oren ambarchi. 3-9pm, free
8th june- Ertz festival (bera, basque country) ixi & mattin. 9pm.
9th june-bar bullit (bilbao)ixi, oren ambarchi & mattin. 9pm. free
11th june- Wrong festival (barcelona). mattin (solo) 9pm
12th june- Wrong festival (barcelona) oren ambarchi & mattin (cancelled). 9pm
1st July- Noise Flamenco & Denis Duvbotsev, Mark Browny, Belaska(Mark Wastel & Mattin) at Bonnington center, 8:30pm
3th July- Tim Goldie percussion, Simon H. Fell double bass, Mattin guitar. Red Rose, 8:30 pm
Attakame tour July: with Joel Stern
12th in zagreb ( Croatia) attack at Autonomna Tvornica Kulture, Mattin (solo), Joel Stern (solo)
13th  Radio Student live broadcast, Slovenia Mattin (solo)

14th Brezice, Slovenia
17 th cherkno. Slovenia with Joel Stern and Jani
18th  Klub Gromka/Metelkova/Ljubljana
 23rd  Fluc, Vienna. solo andwith Joel Stern and Christoff Kurzmann

24 th Radio Jeleni, Prague
 25th Between Dresden and Prague project, bar Parukarka. Prague. Solo and with Joel Stern
 26th at raumschiff zitrone in Berlin. Solo
28th Sept:
John Edwards (Double Bass)
Deflag Haemorrhage/ Haien Kontra ( Tim Goldie- drums/voice + Mattin- guitar/computer feedback)
Anthony Guerra (guitar) + Matthew Nidek (drums
29th Sept:
Eddie Prevost ( drums) + Michael Rodgers ( acoustic guitar)
Deflag Haemorrhage/ Haien Kontra ( Tim Goldie- drums/voice + Mattin- guitar/computer feedback)
Ross Lambert ( guitar/voice/objects) + Romuald Wadych (objects)
at the Foundry (Old str.), 8pm Free/ donations. London
mon 26.05.2003
   inländer raus!
   ausland / berlin charhizma presents: burkhard stangl (at) werner dafeldecker (at) boris hauf (at) martin siewert (at) christof kurzmann (at) dean roberts (nz) michael hartman (usa) dj junkroc (usa) taku sugimoto (jap) oren ambarchi (aus) mattin (eus) anna zaradny (pl) robert piotrowicz (pl) johannes bergmark (swe) dj yasmina haddad (libn)

tue 27.05.2003
   inländer raus!
   ausland / berlin charhizma presents: burkhard stangl (at) werner dafeldecker (at) boris hauf (at) martin siewert (at) christof kurzmann (at) dean roberts (nz) michael hartman (usa) dj junkroc (usa) taku sugimoto (jap) oren ambarchi (aus) mattin (eus) anna zaradny (pl) robert piotrowicz (pl) johannes bergmark (swe) dj yasmina haddad (libn)

wed 28.05.2003
   club terminal/bratislava / festival multiplace 2003

thu 29.05.2003
   improv @ fluc
   fluc / wien christof kurzman dieb 13 taku sugimoto burkhard stangl mattin martin siewert boris hauf michael hartmann dean roberts werner dafeldecker

institut fünfhaus presents
fri 30.05.2003
   improv @ fluc
   fluc / wien christof kurzman dieb 13 taku sugimoto burkhard stangl mattin martin siewert boris hauf michael hartmann dean roberts werner dafeldecker

sat 21st June. 8-9:30pm.
El Corsal Desastre, Mattin at Richard Thomas program "BANALITY" on Resonace Fm. London

sun. 22nd June. 8pm
The perfect human experiment
El Corsal Desastre
Deflag Heamorrhage/Haien KontraThe last Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra London gig for some months will deliver the fucking goods. ___________________________________________________________________________________
"I know it's not a case of hours or days 'til I get better. I know I'm fucked, and you don't/can't realise the enormity of that. I feel so unutterably fucked over by you. This tinnitus will not heal. These hemorrhoids'll last for god only knows. So, I well, apologize for my 'despicable' behaviour. I am so disgusted with myself, with you and your inane drivel and pats on the back so fucking hideously patronising, and my joke-cum-begging. Good fucking luck you fucking mess."
....remember sentients you embalmed still alive excelled yourself purblind sarcoma of selfishness and indolence loquist hyperparasite cumberworld drag you under again ensilaged body betrays you straw man counts for shit now the risk is gone fucks otaxia bloat fucks otaxia chassis divulge throat cloak violate blackworld oath internecine masquerading mourn own death sycophantic slake abuliacs fuelling legitimising eachother slump executrix cut swap false glossect...

 The Swan
 353 High Rd.   N17
tube- Seven sisters 

12th August live sound mit dieb13, mattin & oliver stotz, visuals von billy roisz . mediencamp. karlsplatz. Vienna
22th August Sakada ( Eddie Prévost, Xabier Erkizia, Mattin). Arteleku. Donosti
23th August Sakada ( Eddie Prévost, Xabier Erkizia, Mattin). laressistens. atxuri 14, 21:00, 3euros.MEM y aste nagusia. Bilbo
montag, 1.sept.2003, 20uhr
white room, wien MQ eingang volkstheater, zweite tuer rechts freier eintritt / bring your own drinks
billy roisz pure klaus filip noid burkhard stangl hans falb philipp schmickl mattin dieb13 radu malfatti

3th Sept.
The pirates have won the allegorical war
Philosophy Queen Live at Media camp.
Anja Buechele, Matthew Hyland,

3th October Jean Luc Guionnet, " " [sic] Goldie, Mattin.instant chavires, Paris
25 October Mattin. LEM festival. Barcelona
4th November Klaus Filip , Radu Malfatti & Mattin. IFTAF. Vienna
6th November Klaus Filip, Robin Hyward & Mattin. Raunshif Zitrone. Berlin
9th November Klaus Filip& Mattin.szczecin. Poland
10th November Klaus Filip& Mattin. Cave 12. Geneva
11th November Klaus Filip & Mattin. mood. Zurich
14th November. Jason Kahn, Klaus Filip, Mattin.Jenatsch Str.10. 21 h. free.Zurich
15th November Klaus Filip & Mattin.Gallerie Paolo Boselli .MEM presentation. Brussels
Nov. 16 . . . LiveListening Series @ Anthology Film Archives, NYC
The Bill will be:
Margarida Garcia€Barry Weisblat
David Daniel€Tim Barnes
Nov. 18 . . . FreeFormMashUp @ the Terrace, Princeton, NJ
The Bill will be:
Mattin€Tim Barnes
Margarida Garcia€Barry Weisblat
20th November Mattin. Crhist Church. Rochester
Nov.22 . . . PeopleMusic @ ISSUE Project Room, NYC

Mattin & Tim Barnes
Margarida Garcia & Barry Weisblat
David Daniel &J ames Elliot
23th November. Mattin. Tonic. New York 
30th November. Sakada ( Anne Guthrie Eddie Prévost Mattin). 45 tudor road , off well st. Hackney. London
1st December. Mattin. Bonnington Center. London
2th December. Zeigam Azizov, " " [sic] Goldie, Mattin + Takehiro Nishide, Dan Beban, Gillermo, Will. Resonance fm. London
4th December Belaska (Mark Wastell & Mattin). Improvisa Festival. Barcelona
6th December Belaska (Mark Wastell & Mattin). MEM Festival. Bilbo
18th December. Mattin. Bar Bullitt. MEM. c/ Dos de Mayo, 3.Bilbo